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We bring the top women leaders together from around the world

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ELLE Society is an invite members only, secret and closed network of the top women leaders.

Our network is including entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, executives, entertainers, athletes, artists, influencers and leaders in different domains, such as high-tech, real-estate, media, entertainment and more.

ELLE Society is a place for our diverse membership to connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact.

What you get

Business Opportunities

We connect between our community members to different business opportunities


A platform for creating professional connections between community members and external leaders and entrepreneurs

Personal Development

Trainings, workshops, events and conferences exclusive to the community

Lifestyle & Fun

Cocktail parties, culinary events, cultural events, sports events and more

Our activities

International events
& conferences

Meet other women leaders like you from around the world

Professional & personal development

gaining tools, knowledge, inspiration and like minded community

Gala events

 glamorous and festive social events for giving back

Culinary events

Intimate dinners

Cultural events

Music, art and more

Cocktail parties

Mingling events


Want to join us?

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